Specializing in Dogs and Other Animals
Photos can be retouched, restored, corrected, resized, cropped, framed
or just about anything else the imagination can dream up.
ORIGINAL at right:
This family wanted to use this casual holiday photo for their website hompage. Since they were breeders of Hereford Cattle as well, they wanted to add a calf. We took out all the presents, leashes, and other decorations and adjusted the contrast, clarity and color.  The photo was extended to the left, the calf was added and the finished product was framed.  Finally text was added.

This photo is now ready for their website and can be used all year round.

Note: These examples are in low resolution for the web.  The real thing is much more detailed and vibrant.
Note: Dog conformation will NOT be changed for use in advertising.
Specializing in Dogs and Other Animals
When graphics software is used by an experienced artist, frowns can literally be changed into smiles. 
Photos that were thought to be ruined or extrememly poor quality can be reborn into works of art.
So before you throw that photo away, ask us what can be done to bring it back to life.
Two photos on left combined to make one photo on right.
Person behind dog & background clutter erased - both judges added.
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