Specializing in Dogs and Other Animals
Website Designer: Dawn Gabig

Dawn has been designing Websites for a wide variety of Hobbies and Businesses for over nine years.  As a CPA by training, business websites are designed to be efficient and easy to navigate for optimal sales.   As an artist, she can design any style you like from basic business, classic family albums or lighthearted hobbies.  All sites are designed with the client's tastes in mind.  You may be as involved in the design or details as you like or turn all the work over to us.  You may pick the style, colors, level of detail, and, of course, the content.  She'll do all the work giving you a custom website that will the source of much fun and pride.

Maintenance is a current problem in the industry.  Many Graphic Designers like to create a website but then dissappear once it's done and leave the owner without anyway to update their sites.  The sites quickly become outdated and often the owner must start from scratch with a new designer.  This won't happen with Classique Graphics.  We have worked out a maintenance program that is now available for as long as you own the site.  Updates will be quickly done.  Just drop us an email with your changes and we'll get all changes done within one week. 

Below are a few examples of most recent sites we designed.

Bern-Herr Bernese Mountain Dogs
Russell Wedding
Four-Ts Bernese Mountain Dogs
Foxwood Farm
Heartland Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Classique Bernese Mountain Dogs
Specializing in Dogs and Other Animals
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